Fatback Music's web site is up and running. It features all of John's bands, and is an easy way to book them. http://fatbackmusic.webs.com

-Upcoming Dates:
March 26 - Teun Schut Quartet - Happy Isle
April 17 - 007 @ Fairview
May 8 - Schut-Stiver @ Bowen Island
May 11 - Ricochet @ Vancouver Aquarium
May 15 - Ricochet

-John has been playing in the “Clockwise Jazz Trio” along with keyboardist Mike Kenney, and bassist Andy Milne. They play straight ahead jazz and bossa nova standards, and are available for weddings and private functions.

-A few tunes from “Uptown Jazz-Funk” can be heard on soundclick.com, including “Up at Cosmo’s” as a free downloadable mp3. Just type John Stiver into the search engine…enjoy!

John’s first solo album, “Uptown Jazz-Funk” is almost ready for release!
Blending the styles of acid jazz, blues, and a little New Orleans style funk for good measure, this recording reflects many of John’s biggest influences, while displaying thoughtful and evocative compositions.
“These tunes really reflect who I am as a person.” says John. “ In the past, I tended to try and force myself to write songs that fit into what I thought I should sound like. With this project, I just wrote what I heard. The end result is a pretty accurate picture of me at this stage of my life.”
“Uptown Jazz-Funk” features Max Murphy on tenor sax, Mike Kenney on keyboards, Andy Milne and Dave Hall on bass, and Geoff Hicks on the drums.

Order your copy of Uptown Jazz-Funk today. Just send a check or money order for $15.00 cdn to:
Fatback Music
4634 Willowcreek Rd.
West Vancouver, B.C. Canada
V7W 1C2